Professional Development

Contextual and experiential learning designed for teacher success

Professional Development

Classroom experience matters
Eduscape Learning is comprised almost entirely of former classroom teachers and administrators who have actually taught in a K-12 classroom. There is no workshop delivered that is not led by an experienced educator who can relate to your classroom teachers. Our team is committed to creating a supportive, professional learning environment that enables teachers to acquire the skills and understanding to leverage technology in their classrooms.

Practical experience matters
We have delivered onsite professional development workshops to over 500,000 teachers throughout the United States and Canada. While we present at selected events, our experience is built from the ground up - through school-based workshops - not simply by running events and summits that keep us removed from the classroom.

Teacher-focused leads to student-centered.
Whether you have a 1:1 initiative, need to better utilize legacy technology such as interactive whiteboards, or need to integrate your learning management system - Eduscape Learning has the in-depth experience to support meeting your objectives. We empower teachers to build an active, student-centered learning environment by focusing on their curriculum goals and desired outcomes for their students.

Leadership is everything
Research studies have indicated how critical building leadership is to successful technology initiatives. Eduscape Learning recognizes that effective planning, execution and classroom observations are all part of the formula to success. Therefore, we offer leadership workshops for administrators to equip them with the essential knowledge and skills to lead their schools into becoming 21st century learning environments.

We have perspective
Because we are actively engaged with different schools throughout the country, Eduscape Learning has acquired a relatively unmatched perspective to how and why technology programs fail or succeed. Whether you have a 1:1 iPad, Chromebook or Windows 8 program, using Google Apps or Office 365, or deploying a learning management system, we know how to help you succeed.

1:1 Overview

Designed Around Your Specific Device and Curriculum Goals

Learn how to maximize your 1:1 learning investment in these hands-on, BYOD workshops. These workshops begin with a basic overview of your school’s chosen device. Teachers will learn how to effectively manage a 1:1 learning environment through software and implementation strategies. See how to transform learning through the development of engaging activities and lessons that will promote student collaboration, creativity and problem solving. Discover how to integrate blended learning models to help differentiate instruction.

All workshops are developed around individual school’s technology platform (Microsoft, Google Apps, etc) and designed to meet their specific curriculum goals. Upon completion, teachers will have the foundational elements to create an active learning environment for their students and learn how to apply effective classroom management skills in a one-to-one teaching and learning environment.

We will look at Web 2.0 tools, Microsoft Office 365, integration of Google Apps, iPad and Smartphone Apps as well as other instructional strategies and tools. Learn how to take advantage of a 1:1 classroom and maximize student outcomes.

STEM Made Simple™

Properly defining STEM can go a long way to facilitate teacher acceptance and adoption. In this workshop, participants will learn classroom management strategies necessary to be successful with STEM and create a more studentcentered classroom. Join us for a six workshop series where participants will work in collaborative groups to understand the main components of STEM teaching and how to integrate it into their own curriculum.

Participants will be shown what a STEM classroom looks like through hands-on activities that allow for constructivist learning opportunities, which can be models for their own classrooms.

Google Apps

This hands-on workshop will focus on the use of Google Apps in Education to support teaching. It is designed for administrators, faculty and staff with basic technology skills. During this workshop, participants will explore the fundamentals of Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Drive and Forms.

Teachers will begin to identify how to utilize Google Apps as part of their planning, teaching, and classroom management.

Google Tracks for Google Apps


Google Tracks are designed to ensure that your school or district effectively apply Google Apps throughout your organization
and capitalize on the valuable administrative and teaching applications available.

All Tracks begin with the "Introduction to Google Apps" workshop.


  • School Administration
    • Calendar
    • Gmail
    • Forms
  • Create IEPs and 504 plans using Forms
  • Use Google Sites to manage curriculum projects
  • Teacher Evaluation
    • Docs
    • Forms


  • Collaborate with colleagues on curriculum projects
  • Develop lessons and student workspaces using Sites
  • Create Learning Centers with Sites
  • Develop Google Sites for subject specific applications
  • Assessments with Forms


  • Parent Communication
  • Calendars
  • PTA
  • Meeting Management
  • Conferences

Google Guides

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Create an internal teacher support team
  • Use Sites to support continuing education initiatives

Office 365

Office 365 offers opportunities to develop digital literacy skills while teaching all
of today’s necessary curricular content and providing authentic assessment opportunities.
Discover how to use Office 365 to aid in real time collaboration between teachers and students, create paperless homework, recording sheets and meet Common Core Learning Standards along the way.

Learn how blogs and discussion forums can increase student achievement. Leave with a plethora of ideas that will stimulate and motivate digital natives to become lifelong learners.

Learning Paths for Office 365

Administrator Learning Path

Use SharePoint as a team site to manage projects, host meeting and discussions
Create IEP's and 504 plans using Excel
Teacher evaluations with Word Online and Excel Survey
Teacher Learning Path
Develop lessons and student workspaces using OneNote
Collaborate in with colleagues and students on documents in Lync
Assessments with Excel Survey
Create class websites - include blogs and learning resources
Train the Trainer Learning Path
Create an internal teacher support team
Use SharePoint as a team site to manage projects, host meeting and discussions
Community Path
Parent Communication
Meeting / Conference Management

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 tools have revolutionized today’s classrooms. With no need to download software, and, with intuitive interfaces, teachers and students alike are able to master these online tools in minutes.

Learn how to use these tools to create engaging presentations, integrate video into projects, enhance digital collaboration and assess learners.

Flipped Classroom

The concept of the flipped classroom introduces a blended learning model where students engage in a mix of online and face-to-face learning, while doing the most cognitively demanding content inside classrooms, with teacher support. This integration of technology and pedagogy creates a situation that fosters motivation and empowerment for students to develop the skills and confidence necessary for lifelong learning and problem solving.

Teachers delve into the required components of a blended learning environment and spend time exploring options for the design of meaningful content-rich digital resources. Keeping with a true flipped classroom paradigm, teachers experience the basic course content through a virtual learning environment and then come to class ready to participate in collaborative discussions, partake in hands-on practice of new technologies, and develop the beginnings of their own flipped classrooms.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards transform your classroom into a hands-on working and learning environment. With the combined power of the projector, computer and whiteboard, lessons are easily transformed into engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Participants will receive guidance on how to setup an IWB, learn to use the instructional software as well as explore a variety of Web resources. Make your curriculum come alive with your interactive whiteboard!

"Being a former educator, the trainer was in tune with the specific needs of the classroom teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious. She combined lecture, demonstration and hands on experience in the session. They left ready and excited to use their new technology!"

- B. Martin, District Manager of Technology,
Rahway Public Schools

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